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Cracking the Codes of Comedy: On the Anatomy of Jokes, Part 2

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Humor in America

Funny Cow

Last month I explored the anatomy of jokes by looking simple joke forms, “light-bulb jokes” in particular, in the ongoing context of applying the scientific method to understanding humor. See: Cracking the Codes of Comedy Part 1

Since I named that post “Part 1,” it would seem that I needed to follow up with a “Part 2.” I am a man of my word.

When I made the implied promise to provide a second installment built off of the popularity of the fine book The Humor Code, I expected to finish the book. I have not. That’s on me and in no way a criticism of the book. Things came up.

But I have continued to think about ways to analyze humor in the classroom using simple joke forms. The light bulb joke form still seems to me to be a rather useful joke. It is simple; it is…

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Mice Make Great First Pets

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The Animal Store Blog

Pip Originally uploaded by -kirra-
What kind of animal needs to be oiled?
A mouse, because it squeaks!
OK, that’s a bad joke, but it’s no joke that Animal Store mice make great first pets. Pet mice are a far cry from the field mice that can become household pests. Pet mice can be full of personality; they are gentle and easy to maintain, and can become quite tame if handled regularly. Their habitats don’t take up much room, making them ideal pets for families living in small spaces.
Another advantage of owning mice as pets is that they don’t require much equipment:
  • a wire cage or an aquarium with a tight-fitting screen cover
  • bedding
  • a small nesting box
  • a gravity-fed water bottle
  • a small food bowl
  • an exercise wheel
  • food
  • a few toys and treats

The Animal Store has everything you need to get started. Mention this blog…

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Mathy Animals

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Math Jokes 4 Mathy Folks

Many animals are proficient at math…

  • Rabbits, because they multiply.
  • Sea anemone, because they divide.
  • Snakes, because they can be adders.
  • Beavers, because they work with natural logs.
  • Flamingoes, because they balance.

What insect is good at math?

An account-ant.


And a joke funny enough to share, even if it’s only pseudo-mathy…

A dog in a front yard is tethered to a sign that reads, “Talking Dog for Sale.” The man walks up to the dog. “You talk?” he asks.

“Sure do,” the mutt replies.

“So, what’s your story?”

The dog looks up and says, “Well, I was adopted by a mathematician when I was just a puppy. Recognizing my gift, he offered my services to the NSA. I would attend meetings with spies and world leaders. None of them expected me to be listening, so they would discuss all kinds of secret plans in front of me. For years, I was…

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Famous Celebrities Birthday on 4th November

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Tabu is an Indian film actress of bollywood.Tabu was born in Kolkata. Her Mother was a social teacher. Her father Mohammed Afshan was a professor of Mathematics. She has Birthday on 4th NovemTabuber 1971.She has actered on hindi films and also appeared in Hindi,English,Bengali language Malayalam etc.Tabu is one of the most regarded actress of Indian. She is share the personal life in media. She also played the lead role in Mira Nair’s American film the Namesake (2007).She was very beautiful actress in India.She is unmarried. Tabu was kundli on Scorpio. Tabu’s first film was ‘Coolie No. 1′, the Telegu film.

Lakshmi-MenonLakshmi Menon is an Indian film actress. She was born on 4th November 1982 in Banglore.She was featured on the cover of a Magazine. She is good actress in hindi film. She is very beautiful and talented actress of India. She was “Demure School” Teacher…

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Five celebrities

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Today I am tell you about 5 gorgeous celebrities, who’s birthday on 4th November. They are famous.

220px-Tabu_still8First I am tell you about a beautiful, pretty and gorgeous celebrity . her  name is Tabu, a actress in Bollywood industry. She is born on 4 november 1971 in West Bangal, India. She is famous actress in Indian film industry.  She firstly doing job in hindi films. She also doing job in Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, Marathi , telugu and English films. She win National Film Award for Best Actress two times. Government of India also awarded her Padma Shriin 2011. She is give most beautifull performances in the films Maachies, Astitva, Chandni Bar, Hu Tu Tu, Maqbool, Cheeni Kum and Haider. She is born in Kollata, West Bengal. Her father name is Jamal Hashmi and Rizwana.

200px-Aurangzeb_T0000253_104Secondly I am talking about a legend. His name is Aurangzeb(Abul Muzaffar…

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