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Today I am tell you about 5 gorgeous celebrities, who’s birthday on 4th November. They are famous.

220px-Tabu_still8First I am tell you about a beautiful, pretty and gorgeous celebrity . her  name is Tabu, a actress in Bollywood industry. She is born on 4 november 1971 in West Bangal, India. She is famous actress in Indian film industry.  She firstly doing job in hindi films. She also doing job in Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, Marathi , telugu and English films. She win National Film Award for Best Actress two times. Government of India also awarded her Padma Shriin 2011. She is give most beautifull performances in the films Maachies, Astitva, Chandni Bar, Hu Tu Tu, Maqbool, Cheeni Kum and Haider. She is born in Kollata, West Bengal. Her father name is Jamal Hashmi and Rizwana.

200px-Aurangzeb_T0000253_104Secondly I am talking about a legend. His name is Aurangzeb(Abul Muzaffar…

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